Touchers: demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new Minneapolis band playing tight and catchy punk... for fans of Wire, Uranium Club, Parquet Courts, etc.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new Minneapolis band. They have that minimal punk/post-punk sound down to a T, the one where the bass carries the melody and the guitar is more rhythmic and propulsive. If you're thinking of the classics, it's a sound that I associate with bands like Wire or maybe even the Feelies, while there are many of modern proponents of that sound as well, including the Shitty Limits, Uranium Club, and Parquet Courts. Touchers are perhaps more on the minimal, krautrock-y end of things than the poppier, more melodic end, but this is a sound that I find endlessly pleasing when its done well, and Touchers definitely do it justice.
Tags: 10s melodic post-punk punk