Tizzi: Demo cassette

Tizzi: Demo cassette

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · north carolina · pogo punk · raleigh · recommended · UK82
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Debut release from Raleigh, NC's newest punk threat!

Tizzi's brand of hardcore combines a catchy tunefulness in the vocals and pogo-beat rhythms that recall the UK82 stylings of bands like Vice Squad, but delivered mean as fuck with troglodyte-like force. Still, there are moments where the dark dissonance and noisy atmosphere of the heavy guitar work along with the plodding drums brings to my mind bands like Tožibabe.

It's crazy to think about how Tizzi played their first gig in October of 2019 and only played a handful of gigs in the following months, but already were becoming one of the new and exciting bands in the Raleigh scene. Then, just before the pandemic brought everything to a grinding halt, Tizzi was barely able to squeeze in recording these 6 songs in early March of 2020. Now almost a year later, we're happy to finally release Tizzi's demo tape in order to blast at maximum volume. Bunker Punks approved.

Our take: Not that the Sorry State’s newsletter is Consumer Reports or anything, but note that I have a deep conflict of interest with this release since the band and the people who put it out are very much part of the Sorry State family. Tizzi emerged in Raleigh a while back and became a hot local band, standing out against the more brutal and technical punk bands in Raleigh with a sound that was more straightforward and punk. I always hear Vice Squad mentioned when people describe Tizzi (and, not unrelatedly, 1/2 of Tizzy was in a Vice Squad cover band a few years ago). I hear that comparison, but something about it also reminds me of early Screeching Weasel, particularly their first two albums when they hadn’t yet coagulated into a pop-punk band. Elizabeth from No Love is the singer (another conflict of interest: I played guitar in No Love), and she’s just as strong here as she is in No Love, with a sarcasm-drenched sound that walks the line between melodic and biting, and as always great lyrics (“All Day I Work for Little Money”). Of course I’m going to tell you to get this… so get it!