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Throbbing Gristle: Journey Through a Body 12"

Throbbing Gristle: Journey Through a Body 12"

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Widely referred to as Throbbing Gristle's most haunting work, Journey Through a Body (1982) was recorded as a piece of radio art for Italian National Radio RAI, Rome in March 1981. Following Robert Wyatt's recommendation, RAI originally commissioned Cosey Fanni Tutti to create a sound work based on the theme of A Journey Through the Body. This went on to become a Throbbing Gristle project – first broadcast by the RAI, Journey Through a Body was the band's final studio recording prior to 2004's reactivation of the band.

Recorded in five days, a day per body section, the tracks were not pre-planned and nothing was re-recorded or added to after the track's initial recording, instead each track was mixed immediately. "What's most noticeable about the album, as a sonic experience is the openness to acoustic instrumentation on display" (The Vinyl Factory) and Journey Through a Body stands as a perfect testament to Throbbing Gristle's artistic ethos.

Unavailable on vinyl since 1983, this colored vinyl pressing includes a foil-blocked cover featuring photos from the session.