This Mortal Coil: Blood 12" (new)

This Mortal Coil: Blood 12" (new)

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Remastered From the Original Master Tapes By Band/4AD Founder Ivo Watts-Russell

The inspiration of Ivo Watts-RussellThis Mortal Coil emerged in the early-80s when the post-punk scene was splintering in exciting new ways and Ivo's  then-fledgling record label 4AD was in the thick of it all. This Mortal Coil were not a band per se, never performing live, rather a collaboration of musicians, with both Ivo and co-producer John Fryer the only constants while the cast rotated.

Experimentation was rife over three albums, they produced a heady mix of original works, musical links and reinterpretations of impeccably curated songs; helping to introduce a new audience to the talents of a previous generation, including Big Star, Tim Buckley, Roy Harper, Spirit, Gene Clark, Dino Valenti, Rain Parade, Emmylou Harris, Syd Barrett and Colin Newman. Intriguing, almost amorphous, the ethereal qualities of This Mortal Coilwere further enhanced by the stunning artwork that ran throughout the project – with the mysterious figure of Pallas Citroën adorning each album cover, making her the project's de facto face.

Coming at the start of a new decade, the final part of the This Mortal Coil trilogy, Blood (1991), felt like a perfect end, especially as so much had happened both for the label and Ivo in between albums. Blood is meticulously orchestrated, a cogent double album that feels like the most "band-like" of their works. Vocalists Alison LimerickDeirdre and Louise Rutkowski returned with Caroline Crawley (Shelleyan Orphan, Babacar) and 4AD signees Heidi BerryKim Deal (Pixies, The Breeders), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly) and Pieter Nooten joining the cast.

Using remasters made from the original analogue studio tapes by the late, great John Dent at Loud Mastering, this 180g double vinyl reissue will come housed in a beautiful, hand finished and high-gloss gatefold sleeve with re-imagined artwork by Ivo Watts-Russell and Vaughan Oliver, 4AD's long-time visual partner.

• Heavyweight 180g LP made with high-quality European vinyl
• First time on vinyl in the US
• Remastered from the original master tapes by band and 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell
• Graphics from the original assets by Ivo & 4AD with beautiful gatefold jacket and printed inner-sleeve