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The Real McKenzies: Beer and Loathing 12"

The Real McKenzies: Beer and Loathing 12"

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Founded in 1992 by the larger than life, Scottish punk-rock poet laureate, Paul McKenzie, this merry band of miscreants has spent a quarter-century circumnavigating the globe to bring the Real McKenzies' gospel to an ever-expanding throng of rebels and scallywags. There's not many bands that can boast of a twenty-five year career as staggeringly adventurous, wildly tempestuous, and utterly death-defying as The Real McKenzies. Their list of accolades is long. From sharing the stage with the likes of Rancid, Metallica, and Shane McGowan to appearing in film, books, and video games.

Fueled by an insatiable appetite to meld driving punk rhythms with traditional Scottish melodies, The Real Mckenzies unleash their eleventh full-length, Beer and Loathing. Their latest opus blends guitars and bagpipes with Paul spinning yarns of times long past and recounts endless drunken revelries. The songs are rebellious, poignant and achingly heartfelt with an extra helpings of Scottish charm and wit to boot. The unbridled energy and merriment of Beer and Loathing will immediately have the listener hoisting a pint glass and singing along to the infectious 12 tracks.

Whether you're a McKenzie lifer or new to the game, these anthemic songs are sure to get your blood up and your heart pumping!