The Squats: Noise Overdose 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Official reissue of one of the scarcest Dutch punk records. Hailing from Nijmegen Squats were popular from simply being a bunch of punks which loved to fuck shit up. Raised on a steady diet of SHAM 69 and COCKNEY REJECTS which they covered on their demo tape it is a mystery what happened to them before recording their 'Noise Overdose', in my eyes simply a perfect teenage inept punk record. The five tracks within this EP are catchy, aggressive and exemplifies perfectly how the second wave of punk had spread everywhere by 1981 and the influence of what we now call UK82 was really present. Reissue maintaining the original design of the artwork except for the size which made most original copies in circulation in poor condition due to its oversize nature.

Our take: LVEUM reissue another Dutch punk record so rare that I didn't even know it existed... I think this is from 1981, but the sound is decidedly what we now call "UK82" or oi!. The first track sounds like a long-lost Exploited song, while the Cockney Rejects are also clearly a big influence. For some reason those proto-hardcore and oi! influences add together into a sound remarkably like Kill by Remote Control-era Toxic Reasons to my ears, and since I absolutely adore that record that couldn't be a better thing in my book. Another thing this reminds me of is Ultra Violent... perhaps because its key influences are UK punk, but it's so fast and hard that it sounds remarkably like American hardcore. Regardless, you get five stone-cold rippers on this little slab.
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