The Scabs: Amory Building 7" (new)

The Scabs: Amory Building 7" (new)

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Authorized reissue of the Scabs debut and lone 7", originally released by the band in 1979 on Club Land Records in Exeter, England.

Recorded in nearly 2 hours in North London, The Scabs originally released this 7" themselves and resorted to selling copies to their fellow students at the school cafe. The band broke up after a year and half, leaving nothing but the Amory Building 7" behind.

First time ever reissue of this record. "Leave Me Alone" was included on the iconic Soul Jazz Punk 45 comp of underground and rare UK punk 1977-1981, as well as a few Killed By Deaths.

Includes brand new liner notes from singer James Young and band photos. Deluxe pocket sleeve restored by Ken MacLaurin, mastered by Dave Williams.

Our take: The Scabs' "Leave Me Alone" is pretty much a great long lost UK punk classic. With its infectious organ melody and venomous lyrics, it's easily the highlight of the solid Killed by Death #666, and even fares superbly well on the great There Is No Such Thing As Society comp on Soul Jazz, where it has to share vinyl space with all-time favorites like Johnny Moped's "Incendiary Device," the Users' "Sick of You," and the Television Personalities' "Part Time Punks." Now we get an official repress of the EP that allows you to get all four tracks and a replica of the nifty fold-out picture sleeve without paying $100+ for an original. "Leave Me Alone" is still the clear highlight (that organ!), but the three other songs are all solid punkers as well, with nary an un-exciting moment spread across the entire EP. If you're like me you look at these great-looking and great-sounding reissues and think "I should probably get one of those," then they go out of print and people are paying like $25 for the freaking repress. I sense a similar course of events with this release, so don't let that happen to you!