The Lowest Form: Negative Ecstasy 12"

Iron Lung Records


One of my most anticipated releases of 2014 is finally here! I absolutely loved the Lowest Form's previous demo and 7", and this 12" absolutely does not disappoint. Of course the Lowest Form are probably most famous in punk circles for featuring Paco Mus (of La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, otherwise known as the most trusted man in punk), so you know that he's not going to bring any weak shit to the table. Indeed, this LP is all power... raw, noisy, but with little bits of melody peeking through from time to time to keep you interested. I suppose this fits in broadly with other noisy, not-insanely-fast hardcore bands like Hoax or Perspex Flesh, but there's a kind of artiness to their approach that really separates the Lowest Form from the pack. Highly recommended if you love forward-thinking hardcore.

Tags: 10s hardcore noisy raw recommended uk