The Comes: Ballroom Of The Living Dead 12"

The Comes: Ballroom Of The Living Dead 12"

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"The COMES" was one of the representative bands of Japan's HARDCORE PUNK in the early 1980s.The
vocal style of "CHITOSE", the first female vocalist in Japan for a HARDCORE PUNK band, and the hasty and aggressive sound made astrong impact from the beginning. Now, 40 years later, he has gained followers all over the world and truly gained worldwide recognition.

The first stage of the group was completed after a little less than two years of activity, from their live debut on June 16, 1982 to their live performance on March 24, 1984. After that, the second season started after a member change.

This work features valuable live recordings from the first period, as well as interviews with MINORU (bass) and MATSUMURA ​​(drums) members, including the history from the formation of The COMES to the end of the first period! Many mostly unpublished photos provided by related parties! The definitive release of The COMES , which includes a flyer and a booklet containing the live chronology in an A4 size, 36-40 page booklet ! !

In the first place, the reason for the release was that Mr. DADDY-O-NOV, who hosted EMOTIONAL MARKET at Shinjuku JAM in the early 1980s, owned the live recordings, so he thought it would be better to release them to the world rather than keeping them dormant. The idea originated from this. After many twists and turns, the sound source was not released, but the label name was changed to "EMOTIONAL MARKET" and two separately discovered live sound sources were released!

The first one was a live performance at Shinjuku LOFT on September 22, 1982. I'm sure many people will be struck by this date and location, and this live will be held as Disinfection GIG Vol.6 HARDCORE 2DAY, and it's the recording date of The COMES sound source of the album "OUTSIDER" released by DOGMA RECORDS! "OUTSIDER" only included 3 songs, but this time the entire live performance is recorded from the same day masters owned by the members! You can directly feel the excitement of the historic live performance!

The second one is the sound source from Fussa CHICKEN SHACK on March 2, 1983, which even live tape traders may not know about! ! The flyer for this day states that the band GAUZE will be performing, but for some reason they were unable to perform and The COMES appeared instead. The concert from that day has been left in the hands of the planners, and this is the first time it has been released! A powerful live performance that builds on the momentum of the NO SIDE recording several months ago!

Many songs not included in "NO SIDE" were played at the two live performances, and together with the booklet, this is an extremely rare release!

  • Label: Emotional Market
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Media Condition: Mint (M)
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  • Genre: hardcore
  • Genre Style: hardcore
  • Year: 2024