Tenement: Bruised Music Vol 1 12"

Grave Mistake Records


Volume 1 of what I assume will be a two-volume collection bringing together all of Tenement's early recordings. It's funny, the care and detail with which this package is put together almost makes it seem like Tenement are long dead... however, my hunch is that they're really only just getting started and within years if not months will be an absolutely huge band. However, this release does feel like a eulogy for an era of the band that is largely over. These songs were scattered over a heap of 7"s and cassettes, and it's amazing how cohesive they sound together (though maybe it's because for years I had an iTunes playlist with virtually the same track listing), and everything has been remastered to sound completely explosive as well as cohesive. My favorite part of this release, though, is the booklet, which collects little essays by band members as well as people from the scene who liked the band... it's almost like a little zine all about Tenement. Pretty much everyone need this... there probably aren't too many people out there with all of these individual releases, and if you're a big enough nerd to have tracked them all down then you'll probably want this for convenience's sake as well as for the great mastering job. And if you haven't heard Tenement... well, what are you waiting for?

Tags: 10s pop-punk power pop punk recommended yoobl