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Syna So Pro: VOX 12"

Syna So Pro: VOX 12"

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Everyone has a voice… you gotta learn how to use it.

Syrhea Conaway, aka Syna So Pro, played the violin and sang choir during her teenage years. After a decade playing guitar, bass, and keyboards in various St. Louis bands including Pat Sajak Assassins and Whoa Thunder, she’s returned to her roots, delivering a set of gorgeous songs she composed when she was in high school, using nothing but her formidable voice.

VOX sounds like no album you’ve heard before, but it asks questions familiar to all of us: why do I do the things I do? Do you think it’ll be on the radio? Why are you spying on me? Why won’t the rain just go away?

Features “Petey the Turtle”, composed by a 9-year-old girl, and two traditional Chinese folk songs arranged by Chen Yi.