Suspense: Murder with the Axe 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Official reissue of the 4-song 7" from this Dutch band who started off as Neo Punkz but went through a couple of lineup changes and changed their name to Suspense. If you think they've matured since their days in Neo Punkz you'll be sorely disappointed as this is similarly raw and obnoxious. I guess they may have "progressed" a little bit as the a-side here is a 3-minute long dirge, but it's a dead-simple Euro punker built around a cheesy but memorable phaser effect on the guitar. On the b-side you get 3 hard-and-fast tracks that are more or less in line with the songs on the Neo Punkz 7", but maybe with a little bit more of a UK82-type influence. Honestly, though, what it really sounds like is old DC hardcore like Teen Idles or the Untouchables... these tracks could have easily fit on the Flex Your Head LP. Totally killer.

Tags: 80s europe hardcore holland punk reissues uk82 yoobl