Sudor: Ganas De Vomitar 12"

Solo Para Punks Records


After an early 7" and a split with Crimen de Estado, here's the debut long-player from Spain's Sudor. Their split LP was one of the fastest-selling records I've ever had in the distro, so I think it's safe to say this is a much-anticipated release, and it definitely delivers. Much like their countrymen in bands like Otan and Glam, Sudor play raw as f*** hardcore punk with an emphasis on incredible songwriting and an almost unfathomably passionate delivery. This thing is just searing from start to finish... the vocals are completely out of control and the guitars (which have minimal distortion) keep things driving at an absolutely breakneck pace. Spanish punk completists will NEED this one, but anyone into great international hardcore should check out this band. f***ing raging. Solo Para Punks Records

Tags: 10s D-beat Spain yoobl