Sudor: Enamorado de la Muerte Juvenil 12"

Todo Destruido Records


SUDOR are back with their second full length, 10 new tracks inspired by Discharge, RIP and the whole Scandinavian 80s punk. They don´t need more than 14 minutes to proof one more time that they are the best and most active Spanish band, playing mostly all the weekends and touring the States and Europe every year. Already played at Chaos in Texas with the most success you can imagine. All their previous releases are absolutely sold out so act fast or cry later. Just play this album and count how many times they use the word “shit”!

Our take: On the cover of this LP, just below the title, are the words "otro disco de Sudor" (another Sudor record). I can't help but think that Sudor are referencing the hype stickers that still come with a lot of records today... "THE GROUNDBREAKING NEW ALBUM FROM THIS LEGENDARY BAND," etc. Sudor, as you can tell, constantly undersell themselves, as a lot of my favorite bands tend to do. Indeed, though, I can see how someone might hear this and say that it's just another Sudor record. I mean, the band's sound has not evolved in any significant way since their early EPs (they're maybe a hair faster?), and they often utilize the same chord progressions and songwriting tropes to the point where lots of songs on this record sound strikingly similar to ones on previous records. That said, to me another Sudor record is not just another Sudor record, but an object to be dissected and treasured. This band has a power over me that I cannot explain... they, along with Otan, are the band that really set the hook in terms of my passion for recent Spanish punk, and they continue to be one of the most vital and exciting bands on the planet. Why? I have no idea. Like I said, there's no conventional reason why you need this if you own any other Sudor records, but I'm the kind of person who loves getting lost in the subtleties, who will pass hours debating the relative merits of Fight Back and Decontrol. I am going to play this record into the ground, just like I've done with every other Sudor record, and if you like your punk raw, direct, and brimming with passion I suggest you do the same.
Tags: 10s bf16 hardcore punk raw recommended spain