Sucked Dry: Dog Children 12"

Not Normal Records

$6.00 $11.50

Here's what I had to say when the advance tape came out, and it still holds... one of the best LPs of the year so far: Sucked Dry are one of those bands that, if I had the extra time, money, and resources, I would be clamoring to release myself... they're just straight-up one of the best, most original bands in punk today. I suppose the foundation of their sound is in "noise rock" given that it's super heavy and with a lot of slightly dissonant, complex chords, but everything is played with a punk energy and passion that shows the members know their good hardcore. The overall vibe is very similar to Pollution or Shoxx, not only in terms of general vibe and aesthetic but also in the uniformly mind-bending quality of the riffs and songwriting. Extremely highly recommended. Not Normal Records

Tags: 10s noise rock noisy USA USHC