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State Funeral: Tory Party Prison 7" flexi

State Funeral: Tory Party Prison 7" flexi

Tags: · 10s · clearance · D-beat · hardcore · hcpmf · punk · raw · recommended · spo-default · spo-disabled · UK
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The second release on our new label FLEXIPUNK which will be putting out flexi discs of great new bands we and our ears on the ground uncover!

STATE FUNERAL are from Brighton, UK and "Tory Party Prison" was their amazing demo now put onto flexidisc!

Our take: Demo-on-a-flexi from this Brighton, UK band that makes the bold move of cramming six entire tracks onto a thin little piece of red plastic. Amazingly, the flexi actually sounds a bit beefier than these tracks do on the bandcamp, but you’re going to need a well adjusted tone arm and a spare quarter on the flexi to make sure this thing doesn’t skip. Anyway, State Funeral definitely match the high level of quality apparent on the other two inaugural releases on Boss Tuneage’s new FlexiPunk imprint, with a vicious sound that melds elements of hardcore, pogo-punk, and even a little tasteful mosh. Mostly it’s full-bore hardcore and State Funeral are really good at that, but to my ear they have a knack for writing super catchy mosh parts that is rivaled only by their countrymen in the Flex.