Solarized: demo cassette

self released


Demo cassette from this new hardcore band out of Philly. Quirky, tightly wound hardcore in the later DC mold or maybe even the Monorchid. Recommended.

Our take: Demo cassette from this quirky hardcore band out of Philadelphia. Solarized sound to me a lot like the Revolution Summer-era bands that hewed a little closer to the original harDCore template, just slowing the tempos slightly and adding a touch of melody... I'm thinking specifically of records like the Faith's Subject to Change, Marginal Man's Identity, and Swiz's Hell Yes I Cheated. These songs are all loud and fast, but the complexity of the music and the confidence with which Solarized integrates subtle melodies into their sound indicates that these folks have been around the block a few times and have more than just a few records in their collection. I should also note that the vocals are quite snotty for this style, reminding me quite a bit of the Monorchid and Skull Kontrol. If the above references are up your alley I think you'll dig this one hard. Recommended.
Tags: 10s hardcore philadelphia recommended ushc yoobl