Sodom: Requiem 12"

Sodom: Requiem 12"

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(aka SODOM - ST.Requiem cassette 1984)

"Sodom" is a Japanese band formed in 1981.

Zazie(vo.) is Founder-Vocalist of "gauze"

As for their style, a change of the musicality was very intense.

1981-1984:Hardcore punk.


limited to 188 copies

unofficial release of their (1984) cassette

includes a double sided insert & sticker

label: SODOMA Fan Club Santiago records, import from Chile

Note: This is a bootleg and an official reissue is on the way from FOAD Records.

Our take: Unofficial pressing of this cult Japanese punk band that I was familiar with through lo-fi Soulseek downloads and YouTube rips. Regardless of the lineage, the Sodom cassette is a must-hear if you’re a fan of 80s Japanese punk. Much like Gauze’s first LP, Fuck Heads, it sounds to me like the Sodom tape sits right on the bubble between the earlier ADK Records-type Japanese punk sound and the more metallic, Discharge-influenced sound that I associate with the mid- to later 80s, though in most respects it’s further toward the former sound than the latter (kind of inverting the proportion of those two influences that you hear on Fuck Heads). Like a lot of the recent fan club pressings of classic Japanese punk that have been floating around, the audio here appears to have been sourced from an official CD reissue (which I honestly didn’t even know existed until now!), and is consequently top-notch… it’s like night and day from the nth-generation cassette rips of this that I’d heard in the past. Basically, if you’re a fan of bands like the Execute, G-Zet, the Sexual, Anti-Septic, et al you’re going to want to pick this up, or if you’re the patient type wait on the official reissue from FOAD that is apparently in the works.