Society Abuse: S/T 7"

Mind Rot Records


Debut 7" from Florida's own Society Abuse. Putting out a well-received demo in early 2014 these guys have quickly rose to be one of the leading bands out of the recent hot bed that is Florida Hardcore. Drawing influences from old and new bands such as Negative FX and Knife Fight, Society Abuse has several tours coming up throughout the year and is definitely a band you should be keeping an eye on.

Our take: Crushing 7" from this new hardcore band out of Florida. This is gnarly, bruising stuff that would be right at home on a label like Painkiller, Warthog Speak, or Beach Impediment. While the aesthetic is that of your basic no-frills hardcore, there are a lot of different little influences spinning around. There are some fast parts in the United Blood / Straight Ahead mold, some more grooved-out NYHC-influenced mosh parts (and dive bombs!), and a whole lot of classic USHC in here. It's totally explosive and on point in pretty much every respect... listening to this just feels really fresh and exciting in a similar way to the early Violent Reaction stuff. Tf you follow the aforementioned bands and labels you definitely need to hear this.
Tags: 10s hardcore oi! recommended ushc