Slugz: Empty Space 7"

Cowabunga Records

$3.00 $5.00

BRILLIANT follow-up single for this new Richmond, VA band that features former members of Southside Stranglers and a bunch of other bands. I liked Slugz' first single, Suit and Tie, but this new one is on a whole other level. Slugz are really difficult to pin down to a particular genre... basically, this is just high-energy, rockin' punk, but the intensity of the music and the throat-shredding (yet still incredibly catchy) vocals mean that this will appeal to hardcore fans as well. I know that these guys are very steeped in the history of raw, intense rock music of all genres, and that definitely comes through in the music, giving them an air that is wild yet somehow scholarly, sort of like the early New Bomb Turks records. 3 GREAT songs, highly recommended! Cowabunga Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s garage USA