Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades: LAMF 7"

Episode Sounds


Sleeping Aides & Razorblades under the flat influence after the young 2000s to be active based in Sapporo. They released 2 records(7" & LP both from Debauchmood), 1 CD, 1 cassette.Can ask a band name about high influence,; but Exploding Hearts, Plastic Letters, Nice Boys of the sound become basic. Of course it is Undertones and Irish Punk(Rudi and Protex, a series of Good Vibrations) And they likes Smith Westerns or Teenage Lovers with the release to be preference as now from Hozac.They formed early 2010s, and it is unusual to release two albums in only four years in here Japan, and there is the power to mass-produce(It is unusual in Japan) not only the splendor of the song writing but also music, and it must be it to be the band where release seems to increase in future.In addition, they participate in compilation album “VA-While We’re Dead The First Year” of the release last year from Japanese label Kilikilivilla. The cassette version of this compilation was released from Burger Records, too.They succeed in what they take royal road characteristics in with new sound while there are many bands which I make light of royal road characteristics as R&R in past great ancient people in the band of a new generation and cannot finish digesting as a past inheritance.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD garage gb325 japan melodic power-pop punk yoobl