Skemäta: Sanctioned Genocide 7"

Solar Funeral Records


Raleigh, NC sends us three more hardcore smashers with urgency and hooks similar to what was laid down on their debut 12", but you can see the band progressing in their songwriting and coming more into their own. These songs have a heavy jackhammer ferocity, but also a catchiness that is missing on most hardcore releases these days. Side A starts off the record with a catchy, mid paced stomper and side B has two raging, go for the throat, cuts. For fans of hardcore.

Our take: Sophomore record from the mighty Skemäta, though these three tracks were actually recorded at the same as their debut 12" on Sorry State. When I first heard the full session I remember being really bummed that the a-side, "Sanctioned Genocide," wasn't going to be on the LP. At the time it was (and it still might be) the best Skemäta song, perfectly showcasing what is totally unique about the band. Unafraid to incorporate blatantly melodic elements into their foundation of crushing d-beat, Skemäta's consistent genre-busting make them a band for the cognoscenti of the d-beat scene. You can't just listen to them and immediately recognize what they're doing... the music has depth, and requires more of you as a listener than just passive recognition. While it may take a little while to adjust your ears to those melodic elements and all of the complex, almost prog-changes, the rewards for doing so are immeasurably high. For my money, there's no other band out there doing such daring, original, and exciting things with the d-beat template. Get this or pose hard.
Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore north carolina recommended yoobl