Sin Orden: Hay Llegado El Momento 7"

Not Normal Records


Man, it's crazy that Sin Orden are still around. My first band, Cross Laws, played with them in Chicago ages ago (it must have been 2005 or 2006?), and even then they felt like they'd been around the block a few times and were a veteran band on the scene. They also felt slightly out of step with the larger anglo hardcore scene. By that point we were fully into the retro 80s HC stuff, but Sin Orden still sounded like the bands transitioning out of Y2K thrash and toward a more retro sound... specifically, they remind me of bands like Deadfall or maybe Strung Up, bands that were fast, hard, and catchy, but not as beholden to the early 80s aesthetic as, say, Direct Control. Anyway, Sin Orden still haven't really changed up their style in the decade since then, but they have gotten a hell of a lot more awesome. I mean, I'm sure some of you will hear the occasional super fast dunka-dunka drum beat and immediately be turned off because it's not d-beat or USHC or whatever, but to me this is pure hardcore. Further, they've developed a really incredible lead guitar style that takes some of the catchiness of bands like Death Side or Judgement and fuses it with the hyper-fast rhythms the band has been at for a long time. In a way, it reminds me a little of the later Crudos stuff when you can tell the band had discovered Japanese hardcore, but I think this is honestly more fully-formed and memorable than Crudos's attempt at a similar style. I have a feeling this band will never be "cool" to like as such, but this EP is a scorcher!
Tags: 10s chicago gb325 hardcore midwest punk spanish language spanish-langage yoobl