Silicosis: Bocetos 12"

Silicosis: Bocetos 12"

Tags: · 12" · 2024 · 20s · death rock · Everlasting Spew Records · goth · goth-punk · hcpmf · Mint (M) · Near Mint (NM or M-) · post-punk · punk · south america
Cintas Pepe
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“Silicosis come from the mining city of Lota in southern Chile. They take their name from a chronic condition that affects miners after a life of hard work underground.

Bocetos is their second recording and you could say it's post-punk but that word means nothing right now and wouldn't be fair to label them just as that.

You won't find any generic bass lines and drum machines covered by guitars with no riffs. On the contrary, Silicosis play their own brand of dark punk paying a lot of attention to songwriting and the craft of each track. There is an element of bleakness and melancholy juxtaposed to melody and pop hooks here and there plus extremely political lyrics that remind us the actual important things in this life.

Think of dark punk but the Latin-American one. Yeah, of course there is some Bauhaus and Southern Death Cult in the mix but they are aiming to a different spot: more like Los Estómagos, Los Traidores, Las Animas Del Cuarto Oscuro, Size, Bajo Tierra or Sobrecarga.”

  • Label: Everlasting Spew Records
  • Format Type: 12"
  • Media Condition: Mint (M)
  • Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Genre: punk
  • Genre Style: death rock
  • Year: 2024