Short Leash: Snort Bleach 7" (new)

Summary Executions Records


Debut 7" from this hardcore punk band from New Orleans.

Our take: Debut vinyl (I think) from this band from New Orleans. I'm getting some major 90s vibes off of this thing, mostly because it's so different from so many records that I hear nowadays. It seems like now bands are so informed by the history of punk that there's a kind of unity of vision in everything that anyone does. If you want to start an oi! band or whatever you get your 3 other friends who own every Blitz single and you write a bunch of songs that sound like Blitz. Short Leash don't sound like that... it sounds like they're just setting out to play punk rock and maybe everyone in the band has a slightly different idea of what that means, so you end up with something really unique. There are some blazing hardcore parts, some riffs that are slightly more poppy, and double-tracked, gnarly vocals that kind of remind me of the Distillers or maybe L7. Short Leash also remind me of a "tough-sounding" Lookout! Records band... they're a bit like Corrupted Morals in the way that they're right on the bubble between early 80s-style USHC and something a little bit poppier and more accessible. I'm sure there will be a lot of people bummed on this because it doesn't sound like Agnostic Front or whatever, but if you like these weird little punk records that fall between the cracks this is well worth a listen.
Tags: 10s female-fronted punk uk82 yoobl