Sexpot Ugly Face: Anti Complete Complex 7"

Sexpot Ugly Face: Anti Complete Complex 7"

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Gifu hardcore punk group SEXPOT UGLY FACE, which is still active today, released a demo cassette containing 5 songs not for sale left in 1990 as a 7-inch single. !

The group from 1990 was strongly influenced by Kansai hardcore, so they also covered MOBS and OUTO. The last CHAOS UK "No Security" arrangement number is also bravely developed!

Personally, I felt that it was similar to the super rare 1st sonic sheet "Dead Section" of the Okazaki legend group "Ichika Shinju", and the names of Neyagawa's GASMASK, Maizuru's SEX COMPLEX CLASS, and Kyoto's BONES sounded like a pin. It is definitely recommended for Japanese hardcore enthusiasts overseas, and it is a reprint release of the finest excavated sound source that will surely go mad if they know it! !


A 5-song cassette released in 1990 in the early days of SEXPOT UGLY FACE, a solitary hardcore that has been active since it was formed in Gifu in 1990, has become an analog 7 inch. Coming in 2022!

The dark and violent sound that inherited the snarky tension of Showa hardcore is the starting point of over 30 years of activity.

The inner contains the lyrics and a conversation between Takumi, a core member, and escargot (Nowon/Double Bogys) looking back on those days.

Limited edition of 500 copies and two types of jackets.

Our take: This record seems tailor-made to make the 80s Japanese punk collector nerd sweat. The band has a wild name that sits just on the edge of making sense, they’ve been playing live for over 30 years yet they only released one demo tape, and people compare their music to Mobs, Outo, Bones, and Ikka Shinjyu. Sign me up! I’m not disappointed either. While I wouldn’t say Sexpot Ugly Face is an undiscovered classic, it’s an excellent record with an irresistible back story. The tape on which these six tracks originally appeared was recorded and released in 1990 (and only sold at one gig!), and it sounds like 80s Japanese punk. I wonder if this style felt old fashioned to anyone at the time? By 1990 bands like Bastard, Death Side, and Lip Cream were taking Japanese hardcore in a different, heavier direction. In 2023, though, Sexpot Ugly Face sounds in sync with the 80s Japanese bands mentioned above, so if this one looks interesting to you, there’s no reason to hold back.