Set-Top Box: TV Guide Test 12"

Set-Top Box: TV Guide Test 12"

Tags: · 20s · egg punk · post-punk · punk · spo-default · spo-disabled · weird
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How weird can we go at the ETT hq? and the answer is - extremely weird, thanks to SET-TOP BOX. Some of the weirdest punk songs I've heard and what should i say? I freakin love it. Crack a drink, put your feed up, turn off yur brain and just relax to this TV GUIDE TEST BOX. Both tapes combined to a great full-length vinyl debut.


The minimalism is monumental, the tone is dismal, and the delivery is deadpan, everything you are looking for in a first date, or your last meal. On their debut LP SET-TOP BOX siphons radiator fluid and rat piss along with a heaping helping of hopelessness and trauma into a ghastly broth of negativity that would probably cave your head in if it wasn't for that dumb skull of yours. Leave it to Diptheria Derbyshire or Kenny Logarithms, these jams are lethal and catastrophic, a level of punk danger you won't be ready for, repeatedly adding pressure to your weaknesses and reminding you how tough those synthesizers can really sound when pushed to their limit.


Twelve songs of grudge-centric punk slime, run through a filter of fried armpit hair and burned out electronics, something you surely do not want to miss. Maybe you're already too late, fuck it, these guys are straight from the future and came all this way back to tell us that IT SUCKS. Hallelujah.


Eggpunk, Devocore, whatever you wanna name it, we made it and here is more, but in a different way,unique, weird and over the top. Lofi, fucked up, but in a damn good way, I have no idea what those kids are doing down under, but they do it right!


I just love the complete concept behind this whole thing



Our take: TV Guide Test compiles two previous cassette releases by this mysterious band. While I know little about them (I don’t even know where they’re from, but I think one vocalist might have an Australian accent?), if you’re familiar with Erste Theke Tonträger’s discography you’ll have a good idea where they’re coming from. Devo and Mark Winter’s bands (Coneheads, but even more so D.L.I.M.C.) are a good reference point, but one thing I like about this scene (insofar as there is such a scene) is that it places a high value on originality. Thus, even though Set-Top Box might sound familiar in some respects, they’re not biting anyone’s style. Some moments have a pop element (like the D.L.I.M.C.-esque “Channel 69”) while others are experimental (“Infomercial”), but TV Guide Test balances those elements, tilting a little more toward the latter. I also love how many of the lyrics are TV-themed (sample lyric: “on the alien game show / show ‘em what you know!”), which combined with the album’s eclecticism makes it feel like you’re flipping through a series of little-watched channels way up on the dial.