Sekaannus: Aivokuolleet 7"

Sekaannus: Aivokuolleet 7"

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Mäkitie 8
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Co-release with FINNISH HARDCORE (Finland).

Before their reputable "19??" split 7" with MASSACRE, SEKAANNUS recorded a 13-track demo which circled the scene on self-dubbed cassettes and various compilation tapes. Representing their early harsh and fast HC punk, SEKAANNUS demo 1984 is now released on vinyl for the first time. Aivokuolleet 7" EP consists of 9 tracks from the demo and is professionally mastered from the original recording.

The artwork was done in the classic cut-and-paste Finnish HC style. Each disc is housed in a double sided, offset-printed sleeve.

Our take: Aivokuolleet is the first release on Usman from Scarecrow and Sorry State’s new label Mäkitie-8. Aivokuolleet is a co-production with the Finnish Hardcore label, whose last several releases we’ve carried at Sorry State… Sorry State even co-released the H.I.C. Systeemi cassette we put out with Sami at Finnish Hardcore. So, if you’ve paid any attention to that stuff, you can guess that Aivokuolleet is another dig into the archives of 80s Finnish hardcore punk. Sekaannus released several records in the 80s, but most of them were recorded after the band’s sound changed somewhat… their later releases have a largely mid-tempo, anarcho-influenced sound that reminds me of early Amebix, but Aivokuolleet comes from Sekaannus’s earlier era, when they were a tear-ass hardcore band in the vein of other great 80s Finnish bands like Kaaos and Riistetyt. Like those bands, Sekaannus during this era fused the driving and anthemic UK82 punk sound with the full-bore, bulldoze-everything-in-its-path approach of Discharge. Aivokuolleet alternates between blistering fast tracks and a couple of Kaaos-esque stompers, and while the rough sound will weed out some poseurs, the deep 80s Finnish hardcore heads will flip for it.