Screaming Sneakers: Marching Orders 7"

euro import


7" reissue of the uber-rare 12" by this 80s punk band out of Florida. Screaming Sneakers' lone record is such an odd piece of music, and a total 80s artifact... even though this is definitely punk, there's something about this record (in particular the vocals) that have such an 80s pop sensibility... it's like the singer had fully internalized the melodic sensibilities of 80s pop artists like the Go-Gos, the Bangles, and Cyndi Lauper and even though she's singing in a punk band those influences can't help but come out in a subtle way. Who knows if anyone else gets that impression from this record, but that's what I hear. Anyway, the music is the kind of melodic punk that seemed to be big in the 80s, but died at some point... I guess there are still melodic punk bands, but nowadays they tend to be way too polished and end up sounding like a Lookout! or Fat Wreck type thing. However, this is just big-hooks, melodic punk in the tradition of 70s punk bands but with the raw production of 80s hardcore. Kind a museum piece, but a good one, and way cheaper than an original copy.

Tags: 80s female-fronted hardcore reissues ushc