Salvaje Punk: S/T 12"
Salvaje Punk: S/T 12"

Salvaje Punk: S/T 12"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hardcore punk · hcpmf · new york · noisy · nyc · raw
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Toxic State Records and Burning Paradise Productions are pleased to announce that the long-awaited debut LP from NYC’s Salvaje Punk is now available for preorder! 10 tracks of pummeling, uncompromising ultra hardcore punk that some have described as the missing link between No Security and Parabellum, with lyrics in belted out in Spanish by a Colombian madman.

Our take: The 2020 demo tape from New York’s Salvaje Punk came and went through the distro way too quickly… I’m not sure I even had time to listen to it, much less digest it, but this debut full-length is not one to miss. This record knocked me on my ass from the second I put it on, and I love it so much that I’ve had trouble making time to listen to much else since it arrived. It’s obvious from the first few seconds what a powerful and fully realized record this is, but despite playing it a ton, I’ve been having trouble figuring out why I love it so much, and I worry I won’t be able to articulate my feelings here. Part of it may be that Salvaje Punk’s style feels fresh. The label’s description calls them “the missing link between No Security and Parabellum,” and me not knowing either of those bands’ records well could contribute to why this feels so fresh for me. The comparison sounds on the money, as Salvaje Punk ground their sound in the rawest and fastest mängel, but while some of those Swedish bands can sound so proficient as to be slightly cold, Salvaje Punk leans on the chaotic and unhinged sound of South American punk and metal for the other big element of their sound. It’s a fine line to walk, but Salvaje Punk has their shit dialed in. It helps that, despite the raw and dirty presentation, the members are top-notch musicians who have the technique and chops to maintain that high level of intensity through an entire full-length. A lot of maximalist hardcore releases like this can be so intense as to be exhausting, wearing on the ear by the end of the record, but Salvaje Punk knows when to shake things up with some wild lead guitar (“Salvaje”) or a punishing death metal breakdown that sounds like it was swiped from Sepultura’s Morbid Visions (“Desconchinflo Global”). And, of course, since it’s a Toxic State release, the packaging is beautiful, handmade, and packed with sick illustrations that look punk as fuck. This record bleeds the urgency, energy, and intensity that I want from punk, and for me it’s one of 2023’s essential releases.