S.H.I.T. : Feeding Time 7"

Static Shock Records


Brand new two-song single from one of the most (justly) talked-about bands in hardcore right now, Toronto's S.H.I.T. On the a-side of this bad boy you get a re-recording of fan favorite "Feeding Time," which is easily one of their best songs but henceforth only appeared on their very hard-to-get demo. It's funny, while they've evolved into a fairly straightforward hardcore band, something about the off-kilter riff and the wall-of-noise lead guitar on this reminds me quite a bit of some of the Toxic State bands, Crazy Spirit in particular. On the b-side you get a new track called "Private Lies" and it's a little more mid-paced but has a similarly lysergic quality to "Feeding Time." All in all this is another great release from this killer band, and the only problem is that it's so short... I WANT MORE!

Tags: 10s Canada hardcore punk recommended