Running for Cover: Demo 12"

Painkiller Records

$6.50 $13.00

12" re-release of the 2003 demo by this band who I think hailed from upstate New York. Yeah, this is fast and as such all of the usual power violence pioneers (No Comment, Crossed Out, etc.) deserve a namecheck, but Running for Cover are a lot more straightforward. Rather than relying on the fast/slow dynamic that propels a lot of bands like this, Running for Cover are more or less all go no slow... listening to this is less like listening to some power violence tribute act and more like listening to a good 80s USHC record on 45RPM instead of 33. The recording also sounds absolutely fantastic... the drums in particular really cut through, and the drummer plays a lot on the ride and the recording perfectly captures that propulsive ping that makes this sound insanely energetic. Definitely the kind of record that can appeal both to people who love power violence as well as those of us who just love straight up hardcore.

Tags: 00s 65804 fast grind/pv hardcore reissues ushc yoobl