Rubber Mate: Hell Bent for Rubber 7"

Saucepan Records


What can be said about this band and this music that hasn't already been said about the men's room at NTC? It smells, it's been completely degraded and defaced and there's a mysterious hole in the middle of it. Recorded in the basement of the Yellow Ghetto it's any wonder there's more than just oxide on the tape hiss in the 4 track. Combining punk, noise, kraut(?) and other spices, this is one piece of wax that should be consumed in heavy doses. Preferably at night, alone, in the men's room at Now That's Class.

Our take: Saucepan Records delivers more grimy Cleveland weirdness, this time from Rubber Mate. Kind of fusing two separate Cleveland traditions, Rubber Mate mix the heaviness of that city's legendary hardcore scene with the sneering, snotty attitude of bands like the Darvocets and Folded Shirt. The result is not unlike Flipper, but heavier and even more sinister-sounding. If you're a Cleveland head this is going to be right up your alley, and like a lot of the stuff that comes from that city you'd better act fast before the only place you can find this record is a want list.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest noisy primitive raw recommended