Rights of the Accused: Innocence 7" (new)

Alonas Dream Records


One of my favorite scenes in You Weren't There, that Chicago punk documentary that came out a few years back, is when John Kezdy from the Effigies makes fun of all of the really young hardcore bands that started as punk and hardcore grew in popularity. I don't remember exactly what he said about Rights of the Accused and their ilk, but it was pretty funny. In one sense, I can see where he's coming from... if you're evaluating bands like this by the same standard that you use to judge sophisticated, intricately-written and tightly-played punk like the Effigies it's bound to fall short. However, the beauty of this music is its very youthfulness... it's hard to imagine music like this being made by anyone but kids... or at the very least someone with a very serious case of arrested development. 80s hardcore doesn't get much more generic than this... it's all 3 chords and a surplus of energy... but by the same token listening to it makes you (or me, at least) feel like a kid at an all ages matinee at a VFW hall. At the end of the day, isn't that why we all listen to hardcore? To capture that feeling of the first time you heard Minor Threat or the Adolescents? Rights of the Accused won't give you a thrill on that level, but gives a whiff of fuel to the same fire. So yeah, I could see this getting a "completists only" tag, but it's a pretty fun little EP regardless.

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