Razorheads: S/T 7"

Failure Recordings


After a standout cassette release here's the vinyl debut from NJ's Razorheads... this is a total, full-bore hardcore ripper. The label's description gives the usual reference points like Anti-Cimex, but I think this is really something different entirely. While there might be a bit of Discharge influence in the riffing, this is faster, tighter, and denser than most straight up d-beat bands and in places it's more akin to the complex, intricate kind of hardcore that Skemí_ta are doing. The production is also really abrasive, but more in a "noisy" way than a "raw" way if that makes sense... in this respect it kind of sounds more like more recent Japanese bands like D-Clone and Zyanose, but the song structures are a lot more linear and familiar. But, basically, if you're into the kind of heavy, well-played and well-recorded hardcore that comes out of Sweden and Japan you will love this... a real bruiser.

Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore noisy recommended