Razorblades & Aspirin #9 zine

Razorblades & Aspirin #9 zine

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400 Copies • 8.5X11 • FULL COLOR • 72pgs

INTERVIEWS WITH JEREMY DEAN (Graphic Designer behind the new book on the Misfits Scream With Me), ALEX HEIR (L.O.T.I.O.N. / DEATH TRAITORS), SIAL (Singapore Hardcore), ROYAL HOUNDS, LIZ ROSE (soundperson extraordinaire) as well as photographers MICHELLE OLAYA (Germany), TEPPEI MIKI (Japan), JARZA (Indonesia), and PHIL MONAHAN (Canada) AND a lengthy article about Swedish hardcore legends ANTI CIMEX around the recording of Absolut Country of Sweden by the one and only 138 from Demon System 13!

Plus, photography and a mountain of reviews of new releases across the hardcore/punk world.

Our take: The latest issue of Razorblades & Aspirin continues transitioning from photozine to a music zine with a broader range of content, while keeping the focus on punk’s photography, design, and visual aesthetic at the forefront. Besides some incredible photos (including a great shot of Raleigh’s own Vittna destroying at the last show I attended before the world ended), you get a ton of interviews (I found the conversations with Alex Heir and Sial particularly interesting, and photography nerds will love the focus on punk photographers), a detailed retrospective on Anti Cimex’s Absolute Country of Sweden LP, an interview with the designer behind the recent Scream with Me book about the Misfits, and a heap of record and zine reviews. The presentation can be jarringly slick for those of us who grew up ink-stained fingers, but it’s nice to see a zine that doesn’t feel retro. I wish R&A had more careful copy editing that matched the high quality of the visuals, but that’s the English teacher in me nitpicking. There are a lot of half assed zines out there, but Razorblades & Aspirin isn’t one of ‘em.