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Rata Negra: Justicia Cosmica 12"

Rata Negra: Justicia Cosmica 12"

Tags: · 10s · hcpmf · melodic · punk · recommended · Spain · spo-default · spo-disabled
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Less than a year and a half after their debut RATA NEGRA from Madrid release their sophomore album. Made up of members from JUANITA Y LOS FEOS and LA URSS this trio have a strong work ethic and deal in super catchy and upbeat punk. On Justicia Cósmica, RATA NEGRA have upped the pop element in the songs and the production is stronger and chunky, without losing any of the raw elements. Again the whole sound is immersed in the darker and morbid side of post punk but mixed with the uptempo nature and tunes and of La's X and Gorilla Angreb. Like on their debut, it's love at first listen.

Justicia Cósmica was recorded and produced by the legendary Paco Loco and as in previous releases the sleeve was designed by the band’s guitarist Fa Feo who also took care of the lyric insert.

Our take: One of LVEUM’s flagship bands returns with their long-awaited second LP. As on their first LP, Rata Negra strike a perfect balance between the sweet and salty, delivering song after song that makes you sing along by your second listen, but continues to reveal new wrinkles even after many repeat listens (which, I assure you, this has gotten). The vocal lines are big, broad, and memorable; that’s no surprise if you’re familiar with the band’s first LP or the singer’s previous band, the underrated Juanita Y Los Feos. If you’re a fan of Masshysteri’s big singalongs, her vocals are the aspect of the band you’ll latch onto first, and I promise you’ll love them just as much. For me, though, the guitar work is where Justicia Cosmica shines. While the vocals are blunt and forceful, the guitars are cagey and chameleon-like, shifting between the melodic post-punk leads of “Sombras,” the almost jazzy “Te Elevas,” the surfy “En Su Boca El Veneno,” and the more Johnny Thunders-esque “Vergüenza.” Besides the guitarist’s stylistic flexibility keeping monotony well at bay, his leads are almost always the darker, dissonant counterpoint to to the broader, brighter vocal melodies. It’s that interplay that makes Rata Negra so great. This is music you want to sing along with on a rainy day, not a sunny one. The recording here is powerful and texturally rich, the artwork looks cool… it’s an A+ LP all around, and recommended for anyone who doesn’t mind a big dose of melody in their punk.