Rancid: Life Won't Wait 2x12"

Epitaph Records


There was always something a little different about Rancid. Though they came into the public eye in the mid-'90s California semi-punk wave that included Green Day and Offspring, Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen and company tackled the punk path more earnestly, with a greater sense of commitment than their peers. If they garner comparisons to the Clash, well, that's just another way of saying they have a social conscience and a sense of history.
In Clash terms, LIFE WON'T WAIT is Rancid's Sandinista. They've always included a bit of ska and reggae into their music, but this is their most stylistically diverse record to date, exploring the reggae influence much more extensively, and incorporating other instruments (harmonica, keyboards, horns, even steel drums) into their guitar-based approach. Though they're still as rough around the edges as any punk-derived band should be, the Rancid boys retain an undeniable pop sensibility that comes out in their infectious, eminently tuneful compositions. LIFE WON'T WAIT is the band's most mature, accomplished release.
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