Rakta Em Transe: S/T 7"

Nada Nada Discos


Collaborative 7" (i.e. both bands playing together, not a split release) from these two great Brazilian post-punk bands.

Our take: Not a split 7", but rather a collaboration between these two Brazilian bands. It really does sound like a total mash-up of the two bands' sounds. While it's not as chorus-ed out and Part 1-esque as some of Cadaver Em Transe's stuff, that slightly tribal-influenced post-punk/proto-industrial vibe is still there, and it's even cooler when combined with Rakta's synth sounds and sophisticated vocal interplay. Man, I would love to hear a full LP of this stuff, but in the meantime I am going to play the living hell out of this single. A real gem... highly recommended.
Tags: 10s brazil goth-punk post-punk recommended south america spanish-language yoobl