R.O.B.O.: Todo Se Derrumba 12" (new)

Beat Generation Records

$10.50 $21.00

Two years after their debut 7" on Solo Para Punks, R.O.B.O. return with their debut album. Todo se derrumba features 14 tracks that are short, straight to the point, and filled with memorable riffs and easy vocals. Limited to 500.

Our take: I think it's been out for a while now, but we were finally able to import some copies of Spanish band R.O.B.O.'s debut 12". We had their 7" several years ago, and while I liked it a lot at the time it was part of a wider spate of similar releases by bands like Sudor, Silla Electrica (with whom R.O.B.O. share actually share members), and Absurdo, and I probably didn't have time to really give it the attention it deserved. In my description of the 7" I referred to this scene as "minimal distortion, maximum energy," and I think that still applies. I also still absolutely love this style of punk, and now that the aforementioned bands have slowed down a bit I'm feeling this R.O.B.O. LP even more than I might have otherwise. With their intertwining guy/girl vocals R.O.B.O. probably have the most in common with Silla Electrica, but they aren't as melodic as SE, and they're run by the same engine as Sudor (i.e. the share the same drummer), which means they share a similarly raw, upbeat, and catchy sense of rhythm. There's really nothing not to love here, and if you like this particular thread of recent Spanish punk that seems to be centered around the city of Madrid this is essential listening. Recommended.
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