Qloaqa Letal: Nunca, Siempre 12"

Metadona Records


Vinyl reissue of the 1983 cassette by this early Spanish punk band. Apparently this tape has been heavily circulated in Spain and is well-known among Spanish punks, but virtually unknown to the rest of the world. It's hard to understand why this has been buried so long, because it's totally great! The music exists right on that fruitful border between punk and hardcore, in the same place occupied by bands like the Stalin, LP-era Germs, early Black Flag, and others who sought to make something more intense than regular old punk but were either ignorant of or did not care about the emerging conventions of the hardcore scene. Musically, this actually reminds me quite a bit of the Stalin (with both some of the rawness of Trash and some of the riffiness of Stop Jap), but Seth mentioned that the vocals have a gnarly, GISM-like quality and I must say I have to agree. Really, though, if this has anything in common with Japanese punk it would be more with the early ADK kind of sound, and like some of those bands there's also a bit of a Killing Joke / proto-industrial influence at work here as well. The songs and performance are great, the production is raw without losing any power, and the vocalist is insanely charismatic... I know there are a lot of reissues these days and it's hard to figure out what to actually get excited about, but this is something special.

Tags: 80s europe punk recommended reissues spain