PVP: Miedo 12" (new)

Beat Generation Records


First re-press ever in LP format from this Spanish 80s seminal stone. Perfect replica from the cover and insert. 180 gram vinyl. "Miedo" was the first album released by P.V.P., one of the first bands mixing punk, rock and the 80s new wave here in Spain. It was released back in summer 1982 thru the essential Spanish label Belter. Recorded during the long winter of the same year by the producer Ral Marcos. The sales were really insignificant and very soon the record was deleted from Belters warehouse. Also Belter went off some years later and that was the reason this record was re-released too many years later, this time in CD format in 2003. What you will enjoy here is an example of a very professional sound from these young Spanish boys under the influence of The Clash, The Ruts and also lots post-punk activity here and there. Now, 20 years later, Beat Generation is more than proud to announce a more than deserved repress from this classical and seminal record in Spain not only for the punks, just for all the people interested in discovering old anthems. Get your copy now.
Tags: 80s punk reissues spain