Poison Idea: Darby Crash Rides Again 12"

TKO Records


Volume 1 of TKO's reissue series of the classic early Poison Idea material. PI are, without a doubt, one of my favorite bands of all time, and it's great to see these definitive reissues that do a great job of collecting just about everything with fabulous fidelity and really outstanding packaging. On this collection you get the rare Boner's Kitchen demo from 1981, the classic Darby Crash demo from 1982, a ripping and well-recorded live-on-the-radio set from 1983, and two outtakes from the recording session for Record Collectors. It's really incredible to hear PI's transition from a rough, very '77-informed punk band to the minimalist hardcore juggernaut they would become, and just as their later metallic material is just as strong as their early raw HC stuff, so is their early, punkier style really powerful and worth hearing. All in all a truly stellar reissue, particularly essential since much of this material has never appeared on vinyl before. TKO Records

Tags: 80s reissues USA USHC