Perverts Again: Our Big Party 12" (new)

Non Commercial Records


Wearing shades, sporting a dirty comb over and leaning back in the drivers seat of a rusted out jalopy. He sits across the road and shamelessly eyes off children laughing while playing ball during recess time. He’s a pervert again, but what happens in the day or goes through the mind of a man that looks at kiddies clothes like it’s girls gone wild on spring break? A solemn guitar opens, hitting one note with mindless repetition, the rest of the instruments soon introducing themselves and a dull voice that is not surprised anymore by any obscenities he sees or that happens to him. From the kids that brought you CRUELSTER, it’s the day in the life of a fucking loser - a pervert again and always.

Our take: I'd been wondering for a while how connected the band Cruelster is to the more well-known Cleveland scene, and I guess that this LP answers that question given that it says, "From the kids who brought you Cruelster" on the cover and it's out on Paul from Inmates' Non Commercial Records label. While Cruelster themselves remind me of the nihilistic hardcore bands that Cleveland is well-known for, Perverts Again have a vibe I'd associate more with bands like the Darvocets... looser, for sure, more sarcastic than angry, and more connected to the slightly deranged KBD sound, or perhaps even to early punk novelty records. This kind of music is definitely an acquired taste... on first listen it can sound really half-assed and goofy, but if you like the kind of punk plied by famous Cleveland projects like Folded Shirt, Darvocets, and Homostupids this LP definitely deserves a place in that decidedly unique canon.
Tags: 10s cleveland hardcore midwest recommended