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Perfume Genius: Set My Heart on Fire Immediately 12"

Perfume Genius: Set My Heart on Fire Immediately 12"

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Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is the fifth studio album from Perfume Genius. It sees artist and musician Mike Hadreas re-teaming with Grammy-nominated producer Blake Mills and features contributions from musicians Jim Keltner, Pino Palladino and Matt Chamberlin. It was recorded in Los Angeles, where Perfume Genius settled in 2017 with longtime partner and musical collaborator Alan Wyffels.

The album explores and subverts concepts of masculinity and traditional roles, and introduces decidedly American musical influences. Throughout Hadreas plays with themes of love, sex, memory and the body, channeling popular music mythologies while irreverently authoring its own – from the delirious, Cyndi Lauper-nodding celebratory pop of "On The Floor," specters of Elvis on haunted tremolo waltz "One More Try," to the harpsichord- punctuated baroque pop of "Jason," and gliding steel guitar and Balearic rhythm of "Without You."

First album taster "Describe" captures this sense of fleetingness and living in the moment through a heavy fog of grizzly distortion and tumbling slide guitars.