Pathetic Human: Public Disgrace 7"

Helta Skelta Records

$2.50 $5.50

Debut 7" from this Australian hardcore / power violence band on the great Helta Skelta Records. I admit that another power violence record is about the last thing on earth I want to hear these days, but this one is a banger... I tend to like my power violence full of weird changes, and Pathetic Human has those in spades. It's very math-y, with nary a chance to get a good fist-pump going before the band change things up completely and sling you into a completely different tempo, but with enough rawness that it doesn't feel like some kind of sterile tech-grind. It's tough to sound fresh in this genre, but Pathetic Human pull it off.

Tags: 10s australia/nz fast grind/pv hardcore yoobl