Parquet Courts / Parkay Quarts: Content Nausea 12"

What's Your Rupture? Records


Brand new LP from these indie phenoms. This one is released under the Parkay Quarts banner rather than Parquet Courts... I feel like I read somewhere that there is something substantive to the distinction, but I don't remember precisely what that was. Suffice to say, though, that this is a Parquet Courts record through and through, though one that's much more subdued and down-tempo than their last few. Previously, most of their records had at least one really explosive song (the best example being "Sunbathing Animal" from the last LP), but this one might be their "bummer record." Despite the marked turn away from punkiness, I think the secret to this band's success has always been the singer's great lyrics and supremely catchy vocal patterns, and they both remain in full effect on this record. While I could see some people who liked the more punk end of their sound passing on this LP, all in all this is another strong PC release that sees the band continuing to evolve their sound.

Tags: 10s gb325 indie melodic post-punk yoobl