Parnepar: Kako, Molim? cassette

Parnepar: Kako, Molim? cassette

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Parnepar are a fairly new band featuring some familiar faces from the local punk scene and this is their demonstration of how to play arty punk heavily inspired by Yugoslavian punk and new wave from the Eighties.

If you're familiar with the cult Yugo compilations Artistička Radna Akcija and Paket Aranžman, then you'll realize how Parnepar were heavily influenced by that whole scene, and if not, we should mention Mark E Smith's THE FALL as a reference, as well as Wire's early output. Namedropping ŠARLO AKROBATA and PARAF as proper Yugo influences is also right on track!

But what makes Parnepar unique is their chaotic, raw and noisy approach to their sound so expect a bunch of feedback, reverb and noise here!

Limited to 100 pro dubbed tapes, either with creme, orange or blue sleeves. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasmin. Artwork by Bodež.