Parantumaton: Diseased Minds Are On! cassette

Brain Solvent Propaganda Records


Debut cassette from this new Texas band featuring members of Tolar, Unit21, Lacerations, The Penis, and Bortgang. The label description mentions that these guys are going for a Finnish / Norweigan hardcore type of sound, and honestly I have no real idea what that's supposed to mean. I guess that I can hear a little bit of the quirky rhythms of some of the later Rattus stuff in here, but what I'm really hearing is something more like Japanese hardcore mixed with classic UK crust. It has a lot of the riffiness of Japanese hardcore, but the vocals are a hoarse, crusty shout rather than the bark of USHC or that weird semi-growl that a lot of Japanese hardcore vocalists use. Whatever geographic region you want to associate their style with, though, this is some ripping, interesting hardcore with a lot of really good riffs and rad tempo changes that keep me interested throughout. In fact, some of those tempo changes remind me a bit of DRI's Dealing with It LP, though of course they don't have DRI's hyper-fast parts. I guess that what I'm getting at is that this is a really interesting tape with a diverse set of influences that are effectively melded together into a unique sound, so if that's what you're after then give this a whirl.

Tags: 10s bf16 D-beat hardcore punk tapesale