Paranoid: Satyagraha 12"

Southern Lord


With so many bands taking up the d-beat mantle over the past few years you would think that the potential for real innovation within the genre would be drying up. However, Paranoid are proof positive that there is still life left in the d-beat formula. Basically, Paranoid keep from boring us all by adding a significant dose of metal to the equation... the rhythm guitars are built around this claustrophobic, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost-esque guitar sound, and the arrangements are filled out with really inspired lead guitar playing. Like classic "burning spirits" style Japanese bands, the metallic influence lends a sense of grandiosity to the music as well as the potential for much more complex, interesting melodies, but Paranoid pull off the rarely-accomplished trick of fusing these more musically ambitious metal influences with the intensity--even wildness--of classic Swedish d-beat. Basically, unless I'm forgetting something this is by leaps and bounds the d-beat release of the year, and Paranoid are one of the few bands pushing the genre in new and interesting directions while maintaining a sense of authenticity. Highly recommended, and an essential purchase for the forward-thinking modern d-beat warrior.
Tags: D-beat gb325 hardcore noise recommended swedish yoobl